Ikea's Supply Chain Management

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Supply Chain Management in Ikea Ikea is a renowned global furniture retail shop that was established by Kampard Ingvar in 1943(Bartlett, 2006). The business began as a grocery and stationery of mail order and later turned into furniture as its main business. Currently, it has over 292 branches in 34 countries globally. Ikea has been operating on the motto “better life for everyone”. Ikea focuses basically on good quality of household furniture and low prices of goods. Ikea strives to build a good social benefits structure and good customer care. Ikea business model Ikea have the product design, development, raw materials, processing, customer service five processes and sales flow. Ikea took control of the sales and product design of the two maximum links, at the same time ensuring service into the sales. Ikea has a comprehensive market survey that is conducted after every three years. The main purpose of the survey is to listen to the customer’s opinions regarding the products. Ikea strategy on reducing the cost is based on recycling raw materials to avoid deforestation. With the inception of the new technology, it has resorted to using composite plastics so as to reduce weight and save material with the purpose of increasing the rate of production. Ikea’s household products are split into assembly goods with products divided into separate designs and different modules. Ikea’s mode of marketing is to hold the psychology of the customer. Ikea does not introduce the

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