Iliad and Odyssey: Switch in Ethos

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Switch In Ethos During The Iliad we see the warrior ethos as being the main ethos, but as we transfer to The Odyssey we see the transformation from warrior ethos to domestic ethos. Furthermore, the novel is based on domestic ethos and how home affects the warrior. Throughout The Odyssey we see Odysseus trying to make his way home after the Trojan War. On his adventure home he goes through trials and challenges before he actually makes it home. He has to outsmart people to be able to get where he wants to with out dying. This task is not easy but eventually he makes it. Moreover, we realize that warrior ethos is not the major ethos represented in the novel. It is domestic ethos. Odysseus learns how to use the domestic ethos to his…show more content…
After she tested Odysseus she then realizes that it was actually him. Furthermore, she tells him that the reason why she was hesitant in talking to him was because she did not want to get in bed with a stranger. She still loved Odysseus and waited for his return home so that she could be with him. Finally, Odysseus realizes that she is truly in love with him and that she waited for him to come back. If you truly love someone then you will wait for that person and that is what she did. All three of these episodes connect with each other. They all show how much Odysseus truly loved Penelope throughout the whole novel. If that is not present then it would be a different story. Odysseus truly loved her and did what he could to get home to see her. Moreover, it also shows from each episode how Odysseus showed the domestic ethos for every situation he was in. The transformation from warrior ethos to domestic ethos is present throughout the whole novel. In conclusion, we see how throughout the whole novel Odysseus is trying to get home to his wife. Even though warrior ethos was present throughout The Iliad we see how the warrior handles the domestic ethos in The Odyssey. At the end of the novel we see how true love waits for the right person even if it takes twenty years for that person to return home. Penelope was a patient wife and Odysseus was struggling to get home. Even though it took

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