Ill-Structured Problem ( Gun Control )

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Ill-Structured Problem (Gun Control) The controversy of gun control is a topic that is talked about very frequently in national and world news. In the United States, there is many gun related deaths every year. Many people believe that taking the 2nd amendment away from all citizens will lower the rate of gun related crimes. However, a survey was given to officers of the law and 91% say that they support concealed carry of firearm to citizens who have not been convicted of crimes. The news often turns this topic into an ethic debate and show many of the negative consequences of a firearm. The situation can be resolved with the right course of actions. The solution can be found with using problem solving techniques that many engineers have to have. One of these skills is the use of surveys and statics. Which can be inputted into a program that will show if statics is significant. Amount of crimes committed with other weapons than firearms, how a refinement of laws based on statics, and information of private ownership of a firearm can help develop a solution on gun control worldwide.
There are many obstacles in trying to solve the problem of gun control. The United States has been divided on this topic for most of the past 100 years. An important static to look at is the amount of crimes committed with other weapons than firearms. This problem is an ethical dilemma, because if there is a will to do something morally wrong there is a way. Firearms have been around for over

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