Illegal Animal Testing

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Every year more than 100 million animals are used for testing in the U.S. and never get to live a free life that they deserve. No animal, no matter how big or small it is, deserves to live its whole life being poked and prodded and then be discarded like it is not an actual living thing. Studies have even shown that most animals ranging from rats to monkeys show the same amount of emotional range as humans. Even with this information they are still being tortured and traumatized (Goodman “Animal Experiments”). Chemical testing on all animals should be banned. Because there are other ways of testing chemicals and products without harming innocent animals, they should be spared living a tortured life. The cruelty done to these animals happens…show more content…
One of the major reasons is that the testing does not usually work out. The thing with using animals to test products that will be used on or with humans is that the animals have a different genetic make up than people do. This can cause problems when determining whether or not a product will help or harm humans. An example of one product would be aspirin. This product is used by humans to relieve headaches but it is seriously harmful for some animals. Another medical product is a drug called FK-506. This drug helps lower the chance of a donated organ being rejected in its new body. This drug however was almost dismissed because it failed some animal testing ( Ballinger). With this in mind, who knows how many other life changing drugs have been dismissed because it failed animal testing. A lot of the time when products go to human trial, they fail. One author stated statistics and reasonings as to why products fail human trials, “up to 92 percent of experimental drugs that are safe for animals fail human trials because it is either ineffective or dangerous. Even primates, who have very similar genetic make-up to humans, fell short in making drugs completely safe for people. Consequently, because results of these trials are not always accurate, this process ends up being wasteful, expensive and ineffective” (Yashiki). This just shows that alternate ways should…show more content…
They would be wrong; in recent years there have been several new developments that would make animal testing obsolete. One of these new developments is a thing scientists are calling “organs-on-chips”. This tool can change the whole way companies are testing products. To summarize what this new tool can do is that it mimics different human organ functions on a small scale. So it can mimic the heart, lung and other organs which would allow scientists to test products at much less of a cost and without harming any animals (Mendoza “How ‘Organs-On-Chips’ Could End). This new tool could develop even more to the point that animals would never be needed to be used as test subjects. The goal behind this tool is to develop chips for all the organs in the human body so that they can test a product and see the effect on the body. The author of an article went into even further detail to describe what this chip looks like and an example of what it can do by stating, “each chip, about the size of a computer memory stick, replaces the structures of an organ with microfluidic channels lined with living human cells, and then simulates those organs' functions. ‘For example,’ wrote Wired's Liz Stinson, ‘running air through a channel while using a vacuum to introduce a flexing motion will simulate the patterns of human breathing’” (Mendoza, “Organs-On-Chips”).
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