Illegal Drug Addiction : Effects On The Body

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Illegal Drug Addiction & the effects on the body
How do people become addicted to illegal drugs? Here’s how: Put aside the fact that it’s an illegal drug for a few minutes and let’s focus on the chemistry side of things. The moment when a person takes that first snort, puff, and shot trillions of potent chemical molecules surges through one’s bloodstream and gets into a person’s brain cells. Once in the brain they set off a cascade of chemicals and electrical nerves inside the brain, which increases the dopamine that is originally in the body. Dopamine is a natural chemical that’s in the body that makes you feel good”. When this natural chemical surge through the body of the patient and the wares off the patient who is consuming the drugs wants more, Which causes an addiction, and could lead to more dangerous drugs. This essay will be analyzing drug addiction, its causes, its effects, interventions strategy and preventions.
We are going to begin with marijuana. Marijuana is made from the cannabis plant it grows in the wild, mostly in the tropical regions of the world, but it can also grow in almost any climate but can also be cultivated indoors. The main ingredient of marijuana is an ingredient called delta- 9, commonly known as THC, “Tetrahydrocannabinol”. THC is the sticky substance part of the plant that gives the high effect. According to research the main cause of marijuana addiction are curiosity. When intaking marijuana it can affect you mentally as well as

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