Illegal Drug Market And The Rise Of Drug Dealers

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Drug use in the United States has been traced all the way back to the 18th century by James Inciardi. Inciardi first traced the beginning of drug use was opium then later on a variety of drugs that were used for medicinal reasons such as opium, morphine, and heroin. In 1914 the Supreme Court decisions in theses three cases of Webb v. U.S, U.S. v. Behrman, and Lindner v. U.S. along with The Harrison Act of 1914 which regulated the majority of the addictive drugs that were on the market at the time. The Harrison Act of 1914 and The Supreme Courts decisions made it practically unattainable for approximately 200,000 hardcore drug addicts and narcotic users to obtain their drug of preference by legitimate legal means. By making the ability to…show more content…
When President Ronald Regan declared a war on drugs he started an influential legacy. The presidents that came after such as the first President Bush who also continued to fight the war on drugs continued this legacy. While in office President Bush “sent American troops into Panama to capture drug kingpin Manuel Noriega”. The nation 's serious drug problem during the 1990s did not only affect the adult population but it also affected the youth, specifically the juveniles (Incairdi, 1986). The presences of all the different kinds of drugs such as crack cocaine, heroin, meth, marijuana and the many other illegal drugs that being sold on the streets illegally not only influences adult into taking drugs but it also influences the youth into trying drugs. Those who fall under the influence are often the people who are from the lower-class urban ghettos and neglectful adults that did not care about the people around them. The youth getting their hands on illegal and prescription drugs is not only a problem in society today but it has always been a problem. During the 1950s minors using drugs were seen as juvenile and labeled a juvenile. Not only were they seen and labeled as deviant but drugs were seen as a method that the youth used to rebel against their parents and adulthood. Another stigma that is
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