Illegal Drug Use And Prostitution

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Money is often thought of as the root of all evil because it has been proven time and time again that some people will do anything to get as much as possible. Some of the most profitable organized crimes are so successful they are international but often rely on harming others to get ahead. Illegal drug use, human trafficking and prostitution are three of most lucrative crimes today generating billions of dollars a year. The money is obtained illegally so the need for money laundering is essential. Several factors go into each of these issues and some of these issues can easily be tied to one another. Greed, survival, addiction and emotional needs are just a few factors that drive the businesses of organized crime. As with any business, money is the fuel that keeps it going. In many cases illegal drug use, prostitution and money laundering are found to be linked. An example would be a person turning to prostitution in order to provide the funds necessary to get the drugs that they needed. Money laundering can also include other sources such as illegally acquired funds through financial transactions (Adler, Mueller, & Laufer, 2013). Issues of illegal drug use, prostitution, and money laundering will always be a struggling issue in the world of crime.
Americans have had a complicated history with drugs, illegal or otherwise. Up until the early 20th Century, many substances we now condemn as illegal were, not only legal, but widely used in products sold to households across
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