Illegal Imigration

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Indira Krager

20 March 2012
Illegal Immigration; A controversial topic. So many things have been said about the American dream; so many people have struggle against themselves to prove that it does not only exist but can also be achieved. So many people worked hard and devoted their lives to this dream. To many people across the world immigrating to the United States is the American dream in itself. The United States has had immigration policy in effect that dates as far back as its birth. Immigration to the United States has been a major source of population growth and cultural change throughout much of the history of the United States. The economic, social, and political aspects of immigration have caused controversy regarding
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Local health officials’ sponsors’ week-long immersion programs in Mexico in an effort to understand the immigrants who are inundating their area; making the doctors more sympathetic to the population of illegal immigrants. In California, a 2004 study by the Federation of American Immigration Reform put the state’s annual costs at $1.4 billion. The Pew Hispanic Center estimates that 59% of the nation’s illegal immigrants are uninsured compared with 25% of legal immigrants and 14% U.S. citizens. Illegal immigrants represent 15% of the 47 million uninsured people-and about 30% of the increase since 1980 (USAtoday).
Whereas there are many who believe illegal immigrants are one of the main reasons for this country’s economic burden, there are a group of people who believe without immigrant workers to fill the workforce, the United States economy would be worse off as some industries may be drastically affected. According to a Gallup poll conducted on August 2009, 50 percent of Americans believe that immigration should be decreased because the United States cannot sustain the financial burden that immigrants pose in difficult economic times (Morales). In the United States there are many jobs that natives’ workers do not want; illegal immigrants have filled these jobs due to their immigrant frame of reference. Although there are some people may argue that this economic stability is still compromised when immigrants exploit government services, in
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