Illegal Immigrants : A Better Life

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The real life goal of each and every individual on earth is acquiring a better life. Sometimes acquiring a better life demands commitment, determination, and self-confidence. Many people in other parts of the world see the United States as a very rich country. I remember when I was younger, my friends and I always dream of the United States as paradise or even a place after heaven. People leave family behind to get to the promise land of our days which is the United States. Whether under right circumstances or not, these people would do everything to get to this promise land as illegal Immigrants. An immigrants is simply a person who comes to country without going through the right procedures and remain as a permanent resident therefore, an illegal immigrant is simply someone who comes to a country illegally. However, many American citizens think illegal immigrants: hurt the U.S. economy, lead to higher crime rate and foreign diseases, and also takes American jobs.
Imagine all the people who come to the U.S. each and every minute either from Mexico, Asia, Europe or Africa with good experience in jobs or something related to economy without any legalize document. These people come to this country in search of jobs opportunity and or better life. Many people in the U.S. argue that illegal immigrants hurts this country economy. Americans feel like the more illegal immigrants that comes to this country, the more the economy is going to decreases. According to…
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