Illegal Immigrants : A Problem By Many Americans

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Illegal immigrants are leered as a problem by many Americans. They are believed to be taking jobs,homes, bringing crime, etc. However, what most don’t know is that they come escaping the corruption of the people and the government back in their home country. Most Illegal immigrants come to America for a better life. They don’t want to live the same life they did in their home country. Their population has gradually increased over time since the 1800’s. Each year about 2.5 million Illegal immigrants attempt to cross the border, but not all of them make it through. Illegal immigrants can come from all parts of the world, but most immigrants come from spanish speaking countries located in South and Central America. Most Americans believe illegal immigrants are a problem to the U.S. and don’t understand what is driving them to flee their countries. A high amount of migrants come to America for a better job opportunity also to escape criminal activity back in their home country. The United States is seen as a shelter to them. Illegal Immigration is the process of migrating without the consent of the country the person is migrating to. Illegal immigrants break the law just by attempting to cross the U.S./Mexican border (South of U.S.). They are aware of the consequences, including the laws they’re breaking. They take jobs from Americans, filling up some of the hate some have for migrants. According to Cristina Silva, Researcher from International Business Times, states that The
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