Illegal Immigrants : An Illegal Immigrant

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Imagine as a young Mexican woman citizen in her mid-twenties who is living in a horrible conditions in the Southern part of Mexico with no job and with four kids. She also has terrible sickness condition and doesn 't have any health care and insurance to take care of her and her children. The mother is thinking about to move from her current place to a much better place, U.S., but however, she has not filled out any legal documents to move to the United States of America. So then, she picked up everything she has and her kids, too. When she arrives at the national border of Mexico and United States, then she have to get across the border without anyone founds out, because she is not legally to do that, anyway. The most important reason to…show more content…
The following immigrants do get in the U.S. from Mexico, or anywhere in Central America do carrying viruses and, or diseases, so the immigrants can easy contact to other citizens in the United States and pass the virus around to other people with minimum effects. The almost immigrants is not so health, clean and don’t take care of themselves, because of, immigrants’ pervious living condition. Like for an example, couple years ago in the West Africa there were a major outbreak with horrible virus, called the “Ebola.” According to Wendy Rhymer and Rick Speare, in the “Countries’ Response to WHO’s Travel Recommendations During the 2013-2016 Ebola Outbreak,” on January 1, 2017, they states that, “Ebola virus diseases – previously known as Ebola haemorrhagic fever – was first identified in 1976 in Zaire…” (Rhymer and Speare 10). The Ebola virus was around, at least in the 1970’s and it’s still a terrible virus to have. So then, if the illegal immigrant get in the country by cargo ship, then contact other people with the Ebola and the Ebola will spread very quickly. It’s so important to make sure that, every sea ports, borders, trains and etc. where anyone, basically can get in that special place without anyone knowing.
So what if, for an example, an immigrant who emigrant from the country of Angola who has the Ebola, the immigrant is on the cargo ship heading towards Miami, once the immigrant arrives in Miami and he got in the city. The first two

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