Illegal Immigrants And Illegal Immigration

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A. Attention Step (quotation, question, or story)
About four months ago in government class, we had a class discussion. The topic was illegal immigration. One student said that America should send the illegal immigrants back to their country because they are taking American’s jobs. He stated that he would send his dad back to Mexico because he is an illegal immigrant. Going around the circle that we created, everyone gave their opinions, most disagreed, but some agreed with the student. When it was my friend’s turn, she agreed with him and said that teachers, professors, friends, and etc. should report any undocumented person to the police. It will also help if police officers knock on door after door to verify whether the family in the house is illegal or not. If one of your friend, neighbor, student, or even family member is illegal, would you report him or her to the police?

B. Thesis
With a broken immigration system, many illegal immigrants are still unsafe in the United States knowing that they can be sent back to their country, causing a controversy debate between the citizens when Supreme Court called for a tie.

C. Statement of Significance
America, the nation of immigrants, has roughly 11 million illegal immigrants today. Mexicans make up 5.6 million. There are around a million legal immigrants coming to the United States each year. In November 2007, there were “1.5 million fewer native-born Americans working . . . while 2 million more immigrants (legal and
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