Illegal Immigrants And The United States

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The United States of America constantly boasts about its homeland security system and the 1.6 million dollar budget it grants to immigrant and border control. However, in the past decade the number of illegal immigrants in the US has risen from around 4 million to 11.6 million. Its insane that the United States is spending the extremely generous sum of 1.6 million dollars on border control out of its 3.8 trillion dollar budget, and is seeing no return! Currently, about 3.5 million illegal immigrants are living in poverty and about 1.8 million of these immigrants are minors. However, we need not focus on these monstrous creatures troubles when they are harming us. Illegal immigrants cost the United States approximately 28.6 billion taxpayer dollars per year. These infested peoples continue to remain on our welfare and food stamp programs, and crowd our own hospitals just to save their illegal, costly lives. Whoever said, “nothing is worth more than a life,” must have never experienced our troubles! Fear not my fellow Americans, for any unintelligent creature can be easily manipulated, shown by Ivan Pavlov’s dogs being foolishly attracted to the sound of a useless bell. The human mind is naturally attracted to beauty and serenity in any circumstance. It also requires the consumption of water to function. Therefore, a beautiful, serene moat stretching across the american-mexican border would attract many prospective immigrants who are, “doing the raping.” What could be more
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