Illegal Immigrants: Article Analysis

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In his article, “"Illegal Immigrants Should Be Put on a Path to Earned Citizenship. “Marshall” concludes one important humanitarian factor coupled with two economic factors that there are three basic reasons why Congress must pass comprehensive reform, the Family, the Worker, and the Tax payer dollars’ matter. He believes that Deport hundred thousand of alien because of lack the immigration statues caused separated the Family members from each other. As the matter of fact, “200,000 parents of children who are U.S. citizens were deported between 2010 and 2012,” most of them are not criminals. The authorities did not think about the results of family separation, “Rather than dealing realistically with the undocumented population,” 1.5 million…show more content…
Responding to immigration opponents, Economic controversy, deport immigrants who have not committed a crime cost the Taxpayers 17.1billions of dollars in 2012.” who are otherwise contributing to America's prosperity, and who would contribute more if provided legal status.” By this, from the other side, “Vivek,” In his article, “"America Is Losing Skilled Workers Because of Immigration Laws." Conclude that the financial losses only, should not be considered, but also the losses of highly skilled technicians, engineers, and scientists, who is waiting to get approvals for permanent residence after the end of their validity of H-1B visa. Moreover, Loss of these talents represents huge loss for the American society, it is not matched by any financial losses. Equally important, ‘Bank,” in his article, says the immigrants workers pour the power to the Native-born worker against Arbitrary exploitation of some companies, “immigrants are more likely to organize than their native-born counterparts. Immigrants are central to the revival of the U.S. labor movement. immigrant organizing is in large part a result of class solidarity based on ethnic identity, shared workplace experiences, and
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