Illegal Immigrants Cause High Unemployment in Califorina Essay

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California is one of the United States’ largest producers of agricultural goods. As a result, there has always been a demand for more labor to meet the quantity demanded. In order to fill the demand for labor, workers from Mexico or other countries south of the United States border crossed the border into California illegally, hoping to find work. In other cases, citizens from other countries will apply for visas in the United States and then overstay their visas. These workers become undocumented migrant workers, roaming from farm to farm, hoping that they can make enough money to send home. Farmers hire these workers and pay them illegally with cash. A recent report by Leon F. Bouvier states that “Since 1979, legal immigrants have…show more content…
As a result, it can be inferred that perhaps undocumented migrant workers benefit California’s economy more than they hurt the economy. There is an increasing number of undocumented immigrants, but field agents and census takers are unable to obtain a semi-accurate count of how many undocumented immigrants actually exist in the United States. These immigrants often hide from government officials in order to avoid being caught, and subsequently being deported back to their home country. As they are also migrant workers and constantly move around the state from farm to farm, it is also difficult to try and formulate a number of how many illegal or undocumented immigrants reside in the state of California. (Immigrant and Migrant workers in the Santa Maria Valley, California 2) Therefore, it is difficult to estimate how many jobs the undocumented migrant workers have taken from legal citizens that are looking for work within California’s agricultural sector. A report from the LA times published in 2010 estimates the number of undocumented immigrants residing within California at around 12 million. Although it is difficult to say whether or not all of these immigrants work in the agriculture sector, it is apparent that these immigrants have a large impact on California’s economy. People assume that undocumented workers are taking

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