Illegal Immigrants Good For The American Economy Essay

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In the last 10 years the American people have had a growing concern with the number of illegal immigrants that are entering the county. The estimate of illegal immigrants living in the US around 11.4 million which live near the southern border of the United States. The main reason the Mexicans are coming to America include getting a better job that pays more money and find more work. Many of the families that are coming over to the states do not meet the requirements that it takes to get into the United States. This may include owning a home, having a job, or having money in the bank. Another thing that we often see are illegal aliens coming over and getting jobs which they then send money back to their families that are still living in Mexico. This means that the money is going back into Mexico’s economy. High labor jobs that are located in the United States pay more than similar jobs that are located in Mexico. The big question is, “Are illegal immigrants good for the American economy”? The borders need to be controlled because of job security, crime rates, public education, and paying taxes. When the immigrants are coming over to America they are often looking for a way to support themselves. This often allows their employers to pay them less than the average American. Many of the jobs that are taken usually require little to no education because most illegal aliens do not have much of any kind of education. “Illegal aliens come to the United States to take jobs that
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