Illegal Immigrants Have Migrated Into Theu.s For Many Years

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Jose Martinez
Ms. Ferguson
APUSH, Block 4
June 9th
Immigrants, do we need them?
Illegal immigrants have migrated into the U.S for many years. How does their visit affect our stay? Illegal immigrants take much of the impact with the U.S military funding, the government 's economy, and also there are impacts with the laws, bills, or acts occurring. Everyone is affected in some ways by illegal immigrants. Not to add that The nation also always has an impact on all the immigrants making them come up with these illogical decisions, that are only hurting the communities rather than helping. An illegal immigrant is “a foreigner who has entered or resides in a country unlawfully or without the country 's authorization ( These
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“So mainly, jobs now like in the construction, janitorial, maintenance, waste management and other so-called “lower-end jobs” and “dirty jobs” are being handed over preferably to undocumented immigrants on low salary rate”(Negative effects of). This is exponential as the money that is being taken from company’s who do this end up gaining more for themselves rather than that of the money going into the taxes and into our communities giving less to those foundations or facilities in which need it such as schools. Also some then tend to report their worker as illegal as they are arguing about their salary or working conditions. This then leads to national spending on deportation, as “It shows that the total cost of mass deportation and continuing border interdiction and interior enforcement efforts would be $285 billion over five years” (Marshall Fitz, Gebe Martinez, and Madura Wijewardena). Killing the nation’s money instead of leaving them with in the United States where they can get a job and pay taxes bringing the money into the government. But America decides that we need to spend money on forcing them to leave rather than making money of off them. This leads to the idea of how illegal immigrants affect the cost of the military for the U.S. The military is something that has been a bit costly for a while, the US according to a graph given by Peter G. Peterson spends an average of more than seven
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