Illegal Immigrants : Illegal Immigration

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Introduction Illegal Immigration is a huge topic especially in 2017, bringing in different aspects about illegal immigrants. Illegal immigrants are told to be killers, drug dealers, job stealers and whom also hurt the U.S. economy. Is this true? Could it possibly be that they do all of this to hurt the United States? Or could it be that they truly come here for the American Dream? On one side of people’s perspectives illegal immigrants come here to help provide for their family and don’t take to consideration to hurt the United States in anyway. While on the other hand, others believe differently by saying that illegal immigrants do come to the United States to hurt the economy and bring their drugs as well as other harmful actions.…show more content…
There were teachers, students, workers, etc. who’d look down on them and say that they will never make it to a university and that they will never become someone in life. Although these students had hardly any help while attending college or universities they still found ways to make it without any petty excuse. They managed to continue going forward and receive the degrees and careers they were aiming for. Many even went above and beyond. One of the students he interviewed named Nicole said: “ I would say that if a student’s test scores, drive, motivation, good grades, responsibility, and potential is based on their success in high school or before, then I would say, foster that learning and success so that we have more productive individuals in this society. By limiting the education of an individual who is undocumented, you are limiting the potential of young people who could be great leaders.” Dream Act Around 65,000 undocumented students graduate from high school every year. To which that average of 65,000 undocumented students can’t attend college, go into the military, or work because they aren 't documented to which they have no social security number. In all, they have no hope. As said previously, many of these students are brought here to the United States as infants or toddlers and were raised most of their lives inside the United States to which they’re grown “American”. Usually these students are very well fluent in english
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