Illegal Immigrants : Illegal Immigration

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Illegal Immigration in the US What does illegal immigration mean to a hard working, middle class worker providing for a family of four? What does illegal immigration mean to someone who is getting jobs taken right underneath them from illegal immigrants that are willing to work the same job for a lower paycheck? What does illegal immigration mean to someone who is in need for a job? Illegal immigration is an epidemic occurring in the United States of America, the land of the free (to the legal citizens). There are many reasons why immigration is harmful and this essay will explain in detail the negative and positive effects of illegal immigration. Illegal immigration has many negative effects to the United States. Illegal immigration brings criminals into the country, the illegal immigrants are taking US citizens jobs at a lower cost, and anchor babies are forcing illegal immigrants to stay into the United States. Immigration opens the doors to many possibilities, from religious freedom to doing to the best colleges in the world. According to the article “Push and Pull Factors”, a reason for illegal immigration is people are getting persecuted from their beliefs and they want to go somewhere where they can practice their beliefs without any interruptions from the government. Many people flee from countries in the Middle East to have rights so they can practice their beliefs. In the Bill of Rights, the first amendment backs up the freedom of religion. If a person is born
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