Illegal Immigrants : Illegal Immigration

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Illegal Immigration In Texas
Border Security is a pressing issue within Texas. Every year, thousands of illegal immigrants cross the border in an attempt to have a better life. No one has issues with legal immigration, but to illegally trespass into this country tends to upset many people. This issue of border security has become more prevalent with the upcoming election Illegal immigration is causing job loss to legal residents of the state because illegal immigrants are doing labor cheaper. Also, there is major drug and human trafficking occurring at the Texas-Mexico border. This topic is extremely important and needs to constantly be addressed. Although building a big wall may not stop all immigration, it is a step in the right way I believe. Recently there has been about 670 miles of fencing put up at the border between the United States and Mexico. While this is extremely pricey, it is important to keep illegal immigration to a minimum if at all possible. While there are multiple components to Texas’ border security, stopping illegal immigration is one of the main steps in a secure border. Texas Department of Public Safety states that between June 1, 2011 and July 31, 2016 over 130,000 illegal immigrants have been arrested for various criminal offenses (2016, Texas Department of Public Safety.) Texas Department of State Health Services states that there are 28,240,245 humans living within the state of Texas. Comparatively, the illegal immigrant arrests made seems…
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