Illegal Immigrants In America Have Contributed Massively

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Illegal immigrants in America have contributed massively to the Economy and researchers have facts and evidence to back up their finding. For the most part many people are not educated enough about the concept illegal immigrants or don’t bother to look for the fact about illegal immigrants. Their contribution to the economy is very productive, according to the institute on taxation and economy: Collectively, undocumented immigrants in the United States pay an estimated total of $11.74 billion in state and local taxes a year (see Table 1 for state-by-state estimates). This includes more than $7 billion in sales and excise taxes, $3.6 billion in property taxes, and $1.1 billion in personal income taxes (Christensen, Gardner, Hill, Wiehe). As…show more content…
Many people think Undocumented immigrants are taking native America jobs, but in reality, illegal immigrants simply work in industries that Americans refuse to work. In Texas immigrants are working in farming that help not only the state but the country. According to Pew: a study issued by the National Bureau of Economic Research, loss of that segment of the labor force would cost the U.S. economy $5 trillion over a decade. Illegal immigrants provide $500 billion in output a year (The Morning Call). The cost of produce in general would rise because of a lack of farm workers. It is also proven that restaurants and manufacturing industries would also take a big hit, the shortage of worker would definitively close many business. More fact about the importance of undocumented immigrants. According to a to report by the social security Administration, unauthorized workers often use fake social security end paid 13 billion into trust fund in 2010 and only received 1 billion in retirement (The Morning Call). Many sees undocumented immigrants as criminals and spur discrimination and deportation against them. Knowing that for the most part people end up stay here in the US illegal because of problem they are facing in their native countries. In 2014, about 69,000 kids from El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala take a long journey from their countries flying violence. They run away from their countries because of the fear of the

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