Illegal Immigrants Inside Our Nations Border

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In 2012, a recent study found that there was nearly 11 million illegal immigrants inside our nations border. This has been a recurring problem going on since the late 19th century when the federal law was passed which prohibited entry of convicts and prostitutes. Although this isn 't the case of everyone crossing our nations borders, it is still a national problem. Not allowing more people to infiltrate our country will provide americans with more jobs , will lower the incarceration rates, and will allow american tax dollars to be spent elsewhere. Illegal immigration laws have been around dating back to the late 19th century. In 1882 President Chester A. Arthur banned almost all Chinese’s immigration to the United States and shortly thereafter barred paupers, criminals and the mentally ill from entering as well. Although this only affected a small percentage of immigrants, there was now distinctions between legal and illegal immigration, which before there little to no regulation. Ellis Island, the portal of immigrants was, which allowed nearly 23½ millions immigrants to pour into america legally. This number was dramatically lowered due to the Quota Law that reduced it to 357,000 a year and limited the number of immigrants from any one country. Which was reduced more and more throughout the years. However, the door was left open for Mexicans who could work for less pay than the northern europeans. But it was not to last, as seen in prior decades, after the 1965 Immigration
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