Illegal Immigrants Should Be Legal Citizens

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Im-mi-gra-tion “The action of coming to live permanently in a foreign country.” Immigration has been an issue in the US for ages. Many feel the need to blame these people for how our economy is, but I disagree. These people should be given the chance to legally live in the US. Although they did enter illegally, they work harder than most legal citizens. They want a better future and we should allow them to have it. That is why I believe strongly in letting them become legal citizens of the US. I believe that illegal immigrants should be given the chance to be here legally. Many families are torn apart because of deportation. Some mothers have been forced to leave their kids alone here. This could end up with the kids in the foster system if they have no family here. I’ve heard many stories of how hard it is for people to cross the border. All they want is a better future. That is what America was built on. Immigrants coming here and looking for a better future. So why should we not help those who want a better future? In stories that I have heard, the husband is the first one to cross the border. He will find a job and send the money to his family back home. After he has a stable job in the US, his wife will then cross the border too. Sometimes they will bring their kids with them, and other times the kids are left behind as crossing the border is not easy. Many families will keep sending money back to their parents in order to help them. When you turn the TV on immigration
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