Illegal Immigrants Should Be Legal

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“We should be able to refuse immigrants. There are a lot of illegal’s that are taking jobs that actual Americans need in the current economic conditions, plus they cause our taxes to go up because we have to pay for their health insurance and they might need welfare so they get all the money taken from our pay so they don’t have to work. They should have to speak English too, if I went to their country, no one would be taking care of me and making sure that I can find the bathroom, or feeding my kids with their money” (Aquino 2016).
Many people believe that immigrants do not provide us with any beneficial effects to our country. This is not the case at all. At one point all of the current Americans that reside in the United States today had ancestors that traveled from another country or countries to the United States of America, thus making us all decedents of immigrants. Immigration helps boost up the economy, not hurt it, for the most part. Illegal immigrants take jobs that have lower pay and horrible hours. They also tend not to file for tax returns or claim their Social Security money (Aquino 2016). Illegal immigrants do not claim social security or file for taxes in order to prevent themselves from being found out and deported back to their home countries.
Therefore, the quote stated above is ignorant, we should accept immigrants and allow them into our country. The United States of America would not be what it is today without immigration. Yes, immigrants should…
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