Essay on Illegal Immigrants Threaten the American Economy

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The subject of illegal migration into the United States is a very controversial and challenging issue; but overall America’s systematic approach for regulating illegal immigrants entering our country has failed. It pertains to millions of individuals and families journeying to the bulls-eye country of America without proper documentation; but it also consists of people entering the country legally, but they violate the terms of their approved visas and passports by permanently residing here, rather than the allotted time frame they’re given. Amazing enough, The Federation For American Immigration Reform or better known as FAIR, estimated that in 2007, “the illegal immigrant population seated well above 13 million people.” Also considering …show more content…
However, this has dawned little support in other states around the Mexican border. For example, New Mexico’s governor claims the law is a “step backwards,” and how “Texas isn’t touching it. And California? Never again.” He’s referring too a similar law that occurred within California during the 1980’s, that would make being an illegal alien inside the United States a felon, but it never passed. But the problems it caused are similar to what is emerging inside Arizona. These measures have led to a sharp increase in the number of kidnappings, home invasions, and many other acts of violence that are tied to Mexican drug cartels and human smuggling. When it comes down to it, the police will have full authority to racial profile anyone they believe could possibly be illegal. This is problematic because protesters argue that the mis productive questioning and interrogating of those citizens who are actually innocent, will be stripped of their civil rights. Also opponents of the law point out that it’s an open invitation for harassment and discrimination against Hispanics regardless of their citizenship status. Not to be racially prejudice in any way, but I’m sure this law will deliver results. Neither are the consequences that extreme as well; while some innocent individuals will forcefully be held up during their day, it still
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