Illegal Immigrants and Criminals

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With the need of workers with a high dreger who can we be letting people with the education and patient not work. Why do so may find the need to keep the american dream out the reach of many who worked hard for it. The story of so many high school student not be able to attend the school of their dream because they are not ligalal. This is a story I hear often one of a student who has worked so hard and has been able to get good grades be the first in their family to graduates and have no where to go. Some do make it to college, community college that is where they have to work and study because they don't get the help they deserve. There are so many opsicale for students that are labeled illegal, undocumented,and AB540 all words to…show more content…
A point that was brought up in the documentary was that this stated is in need of educated workers as well as people to enlist in the army. Illegal students have the qualifications but are not allowed to use their skills and therefore forced to work in blue collar jobs and waste their talent.This is meant for people that think of all immigrant as a bertrand, to people that still believe that this nation will not be helped but damned if we give immigrants citizenship. This article assumes that many do not give this problem a face a personal story. I feel that many are forced to focus on the bad stories they hear in the news that show immigrants involved in crimes. people are told to fear and beware of those who are here to still the american dream as if they are here to take what they don't deserve. We are persuaded to feel sympathy as well as support the idea that what is happening to this people in unfair and should be changed because it is the right thing to do. The director is using logos to make us see that we are indeed of people in the work fielded and we have illegal immigrant that are not only qualified but willing to work and but their skill to use. Mclaughlin, K. (2010, September 18). San Mateo family struggles to stay together as U.S. deports dad, tries to deport mom. Retrieved December 14, 2010, from The article argues that families are
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