Illegal Immigrants and Health Care

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Danson Ndungu
Illegal Immigration and Health Care
Phil 165
December 7th 2010

Christopher Columbus landed on the shores of America back 500 years ago in the year 1492. Were he and his crew the first illegal immigrants in America? The land was occupied by another group of people that didn’t grant these explorers the right to have whatever they please without acquiring some kind of legal status. The topic of legal status might have been irrelevant back in those days but it surely is an issue that is widely talked about in today’s America. The issue of illegal immigrants has been a hot topic especially when it comes to discussing whether these people should be allowed to have health care provided by a government that doesn’t recognize their
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For example, provide some sort of shelter and fulfilling their needs. Lastly, with illegal immigrants looking to gain legal status, the crime rate will most likely go down. Since the government will get a chance to screen the people who are applying for legal status, they will have more control of who gets in and who doesn’t. Government will be able to weed out the people who have no better reason to come to America than to set up illegal practices, such as anything drug related. If these kinds of people are kept out of the America, more focus will be placed upon the criminals that are already in the United States. Crime rates will go down at this point and America will be a safer place to live in.
If the government choses not get illegal immigrants to apply for legal status, then they would still have to grant illegal immigrants health care for some other reasons. Undocumented workers are hired in various low level jobs throughout the United States. Employers are obligated to provide health insurance for all their employees who are of legal status in America; however, they are not forced to do the same for illegal immigrants. With this in mind, employers can take advantage of this loop hole just so that their companies can save some money. They would rather hire undocumented workers so that they won’t have to cover them in their insurance. The money they save from this action would most likely be put in their greedy
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