Illegal Immigrants are Destroying Our Schools Essay

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A huge crisis looms right in front of this country, yet the United States’ politicians do not even take notice. Millions of illegal aliens receive free education every day and it costs the country billions of dollars. California spends most of this money, but Texas does not sit far behind. Not only will this bankrupt and destroy one of the best education systems in the world, but it will also encourage more and more illegals to bring their children to America. Why would anyone expect the situation to be any different? If a car dealership decided to give away cars for one week to anyone that came to the front door there would be no shortage of people lining up outside the gate. Allowing illegal immigrants to continuously take advantage of…show more content…
These expenditures are bad enough, but the situation quickly turns from workable to hopeless when considering the budget cuts that Texas schools must make over the next two years. Sean Cavanagh reveals the state’s pending cuts in the following quote: “State officials, facing a-two-year budget shortfall of anywhere between $15 billion and $27 billion, have proposed deep reductions in school spending” (Cavanagh). If Texas’ school budget gets cut $7.5 to $14 billion dollars a year (the $15 and $27 billion figures are based on two-year budgets), and more than a quarter of illegal immigrants live in Texas while the national calculated cost of educating said illegal students is $44.5 billion dollars, then it appears as if the illegal immigrants cost more than the budget cuts. This means that if illegal aliens were sent back home, Texas would not only be able to forget about budget setbacks, but would also be able to put a few billion dollars back into the struggling education system. Lest one forgets what most of these cuts will be made, Cavanagh estimates that “Texas school systems would be forced to cut between 80,000 and 100,000 jobs if the spending cuts took effect” (Cavanagh). What will happen to the education system if all the teachers are laid off? A theoretical teacher in west Texas, Julia Burnett hears of the looming budget cuts and wonders if she could be one of the teachers that
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