Illegal Immigration Advantages

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Illegal Immigrants Taking Advantage of the United States Should illegal immigrants be allowed to get in for free? Should they be allowed to enter while others spend years following the rules in order to gain their legal entry? In today’s society, the people of the United States are being taken advantage by the illegal immigrants. There are many examples in the news today demonstrating illegal immigrants shouldn’t be allowed to cross the border like the economic deficit, crime or the protection of our country. Illegal immigrants should not be allowed to come into the U.S. illegally and it would be completely unfair to the immigrants who put in all of the hard work. Firstly, throughout the last twenty years, it has been commonly reported that illegal immigrants have the availability to receive undeserved economic benefits. Many illegal immigrants have the capability to achieve jobs and support because of the use of fake social security and immigration papers. An interview with an illegal immigrant who goes by the alias José reveals that immigrants can gain fake documentation which help them to establish lives here in the U.S. illegally. This is shown in this quote, “While he claims to have never used false documents, José said forgers that work with undocumented workers can create fake Social Security numbers, Social Security cards and ‘green cards’ for less than $200 at local shopping malls.”( Brown 2016). These claims can also be supported by the research of the Heritage
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