Illegal Immigration And Illegal Immigrants

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In recent discussion s of illegal immigration, a controversial issue has been whether or not to grant amnesty to illegal immigrants in the U.S. On the one hand, some argue that amnesty shouldn’t be granted to illegal criminals. From this perspective, there are downfalls that many ignore and is unjust and stereotypical that all illegals are dangerous criminals. On the other hand, however, others argue that amnesty should be granted to illegal immigrants and how all of us are immigrants. In the words of one of this view’s main supporters,” Our country is strong because of generation after generation of immigrants… were all immigrants” (We Are All Immigrants.). According to this view, Obama’s saying immigrants have a huge impact economically within the U.S that makes it stronger and how we are all immigrants in this country. In sum, then the issue is whether amnesty should be dismissed and deportation take place or pardon illegals with amnesty and recognizes basic, simple fact that immigrants are a benefit to the U.S. My own view is that Amnesty should be passed. Though I concede that many are against this and there are some illegals that are criminals escaping into the U.S. I still maintain that amnesty should be given because it’s what keeps the United States strong and should apply to what the United States stands for and how we are all immigrants. Illegal immigration what is it? To many it’s a problem the United States claims it has. Illegal immigration is the migration
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