Illegal Immigration And The United States

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Between the years of 1950-1995, why were so many illegal immigrants crossing the American borders and how did they affect America?

Part A:
This investigation will be looking into the lifestyles that illegal immigrants had between the years of 1950 and 1995 once they had crossed the US border. I will also be investigating how they affected the US. It is important to know because it will make people become more aware of how serious immigration can be to America. I will be examining the number of terrorist acts that have happened, the number of immigrants that have attempted to get to the United States and the type of lifestyles they had. I will also look into the religions these immigrants were, the jobs and places they stayed once they get to America and their health conditions. I will be examining how American citizens felt towards illegal immigration and the crimes they brought with them.

Part B:
• Illegal Immigration by Debra A. Miller
In this source, I discovered that most illegal immigrants were from Latin countries. Immigrants came to America to get a better job and a better life for their self. Most immigrants were poor and uneducated adults who worked small jobs. Many people were concerned about illegal immigrants. In this source, I also discovered that many people who were illegal immigrants were from Mexico and they often committed burglary, drug offenses, and theft.
• Issues in Immigration by Stephen Currie
In this source, I discovered that large
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