Illegal Immigration And The United States

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Illegal immigration and the deployment of these undocumented inhabitants of America has been a disputed issue for decades. It is debated whether to return the illegal immigrants to their country of origin, or to let them stay in the United States. Factual evidence and statistics has proven that although the immigrants may not be authorized as citizens or inhabitants of America, they do contribute to the diversity of the country. With such a large population of foreigners, the immigrants also influence America’s economy and the workforce. Immigration has been a prevalent aspect of civilization in the United States for centuries, and it is clear that allowing these illegal aliens to remain in the country will keep the economy and workforce secure. Since the immigrants have immensely escalated since the 1920s, it would drastically affect the nation to deploy all of these people. The deployment of illegal immigrants would negatively impact the economy, diversity, workforce, and stability of the United States, and undocumented immigrants should therefore be allowed to stay in America.
Various groups of ethnicity have come to the United States in past years in fluctuating statistics and populations. However, the most prominent group of immigrants in most years have been Hispanic. It is easiest for people of Mexican origin to illegally settle in the United States due to the close proximity between the two countries. The Mexican immigrants currently make up about 52% of all illegal
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