Illegal Immigration: Causes, Methods and Effects by Oliver C. Anderson

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Anderson, Oliver C: Illegal Immigration: Causes, Methods, and Effects. New York: Nova Science Publishers. 2010. EBook. , Database: eBook Collection (EBSCOhost). This eBook provides insight into the concept of “illegal immigration” in textual interpretation and points to the need of immigration system while also points out to the causes, ways and monetary and societal effects of illegal immigration. Anderson points out that illegal immigration may be prompted by host country and it would be due bad social or political conditions and reviews data on unauthorized aliens' access to federal benefits and immigration fraud investigations and issues. Chong K. Yip and Palivos, Theodore. Illegal Immigration in a Heterogeneous Labor Market. Journal of Economics 101.1 (2010): 21-47. Print. This paper examines the effects of illegal immigration with two groups of workers, skilled and unskilled. Data is analyzed and shown that although illegal immigration is a boon to a country as a whole, there are distributional effects, whose sign is in general ambiguous. This is because all sources of income of both groups are affected and some of these changes tend to move income in opposite directions. Most of the calibration results are analyzed in a small open economy version of the basic model. These results remain robust when extended to allow endogenous skill acquisition. Haines, David W and Rosenblum, Karen E.: Illegal Immigration in America: A Reference Handbook. Westport, Conn: Greenwood

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