Illegal Immigration: Claims Making Analysis Essay

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Andrew Greenberg Dr. Sternheimer SOCI-150 24 February 2011 Critical Analysis: Illegal Immigration in the United States I. Introduction and Background Illegal immigration from Mexico to the United States is a social problem that has caused a great deal of debate. There are several pros and cons to having illegal immigrants in the U.S., and many people have very strong opinions on the topic. From traditional news organizations to members of special interest groups, there have been a great deal of news articles published on this issue. I chose this topic because it has recently become a very popular social problem in California, which is where I currently reside. Particularly in my hometown of San Diego, illegal…show more content…
From the book “Social Problems” by Joel Best, I will specifically be talking about statistics used, domain expansion, balance, and the use of counterclaims (Best, 2008). Even though these articles all cover illegal immigration in the United States, the way the topic is presented and covered by each source is different. II. Traditional news articles Overall, the traditional news articles tend to bring up and draw attention to the claims without giving their input or personal opinion on the topic. While certain articles may make it seem obvious that illegal immigration is a social problem by stating some of the downsides, they never outright say that something needs to be done. In fact, a couple of the articles not only state the claims, but also illustrate the counter claims as well. These articles are simply stating the facts in a way that draws the most possible attention from the target audience. The ABC editorial “Expensive Aliens: How Much Do Illegal Immigrants Really Cost?” is a perfect example of an article that brings up a claim about illegal immigration, but also recognizes the counter argument. Instead of simply stating that illegal immigrants are costing the “U.S. taxpayers more than $100 billion each year,” this article also recognizes the positive economic impact that they have on our country (Fahmy, 2010, p. 1). By addressing both sides of this debate, ABC is able to capture a much broader
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