Illegal Immigration, Economic Factors, Opportunities, And Amnesty

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Illegal Immigration, Economic Factors, Opportunities, and Amnesty Throughout the early years the United States was depicted as a safe haven for millions of immigrants coming from all over the world, including Scotland, England, Holland and several others amongst them. Recently the problem of overpopulation has been a subject that needs to be decided; whether it is to give amnesty or a path towards it to the illegal immigrants who have lived in the United States for decades. In present date these illegal immigrants have little opportunity in the United States and wasn’t until recently that Obama’s proposition in 2012 has taken the first step towards giving young illegal immigrant students the opportunity to attend college/university and obtain a degree and not constantly be reminded of the fear of being deported to a country you don’t belong to anymore. Though Obama’s proposition does give opportunities to the young illegal immigrants raised here it does not give a path towards amnesty it merely postpones deportation for them and allows them to work. It also only includes illegal immigrants from ages sixteen to thirty, which depicts that they are concentrating more on the future of the students than illegal immigrants who are already mature and past their prime. My proposition will demonstrate a combination of Obama’s strict rules upon his version of the Dream Act and the Dream Act itself. Although it is very hard to achieve an exact number Orrenius & Zavodny (2012) stated…
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