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Illegal Immigration and Health Care With the economy of the United States in shambles, illegal immigration and the effects it has on health care can no longer be ignored. America has a whole needs to be concerned and well informed of the issues rather than collecting information piecemeal by way of media or other biased groups. If illegal immigration stays its present course the American tax-payer will continue to fund the well being of individuals who have broken federal rules and regulations and are being supported by law abiding citizens. This argument is not about individual rights to live and prosper. It is not about race or discrimination of any sort. It is only about the effects on health care that I am addressing.…show more content…
That newspaper discovered in a poll that new citizens of Latin America ancestry favored the Democratic Party by a margin or more than eight in ten. (Reimers 106) The opposition sees it differently. They see it from the human rights issue. In fact Dudley goes so far to say, “We should reward those who, like our own parents and our grandparents, managed to overcome many obstacles to enter this country and make it the great place that it is” (38). Any person that manages to get into a foreign country by illegal means is going to have to go through obstacles. That’s a given. What other country would tolerate this behavior? If I were go to France, sneak through customs, and start working with or without falsified documents, should I be rewarded? Of course I wouldn’t. Dudley tries to compare illegal immigrants to our grandparents who were funneled through Ellis Island and documented. It is actually a slap in the face to them as well as all the other Mexican immigrants who legally went through the system for resident status and citizenship. The opposition will continue to argue along the lines of basic human rights. They argue that “the main reason people move is to seek or take advantage of opportunities for improvement of their condition or career prospects” (Gibney 8). I

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