Illegal Immigration

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l ARTICLE ON ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION Migration has always represented an important factor in society’s development. Ever since ancient times, people have been travelling around the world, some staying only for a while, some choosing to set (A SE STABILI???) in certain areas, getting married and starting a family with a local partner. Consequently, cultures and languages mixed and this is how powerful nations like England, The USA, Germany were born. This phenomenon of migration also takes place nowadays, constantly. People leave their native land in the hope that foreign countries will offer them either better paid jobs or simply a more resourceful background for their children. Unfortunetely, times changed and nowadays’ world requests more…show more content…
The labour market in european countries like Italy, Spain, Ciprus and Greece consists, at least 65%, of illegal imigrants, mainly people of 45 and older. Jobs that do not require qualifications like elderly carer, fruit picker, vender, maid, waiter, barman, dog-walker, babysitter and any other factory jobs – packer, butcher, manufacturarer, cleaner, watchman – these are the main ’attractions’ for illegal immigrates. Easy, relatively well-paid, comfortable, contract-free jobs found on google that can benefit both the worker as an individual and their family. Can we stop illegal immigration? The impact that low-skilled migrants has on society, as well as on the economy is worrying. The Government must work together with the community in order to prevent and stop illegal immigration. An important role in this matter play sanctions - imposing penalties against employers who "knowingly" hire illegal immigrants, referred to as employer sanctions and intended to reduce the demand for illegal alien labor. On the other hand, the Government could play the nice card and assess the productivity of all illegal workers, deciding after careful consideration and consultation with the employer, who deserves a visa. Another great solution to this problem would be a guest worker programme, best suited to seasonal farm work, especially if the objective is to

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