Illegal Immigration : Illegal Immigrants

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Illegal Immigration Problems In the United States, there are roughly eleven million people who can be classified as illegal immigrants, which is by far way too many. When it comes to the history of illegal immigrants, most United States citizens could be considered as an illegal immigrant. In the early years of American history, our ancestors fled into this country for better life styles and to start their own families. During this time there were not laws dealing with who could and could not enter this country illegally, so we cannot be classified as illegal immigrants. The United States of America needs to place more rigid laws regarding immigration by enforcing stricter border control policies and place a greater emphasis on becoming a legal citizen. Immigration has been a struggle for the United States for many years and when the topic is brought out about illegal immigration, the question may be who illegal immigrants are. People who are illegal immigration are the ones who do not apply for citizenship, do not obey the laws when granted citizenship, or sneak into the country without permission. I believe that if we, as a country, were to enforce these laws then we would have a better control on the issue. People who enter this country to find jobs or to find better life styles for them and their families is why most people enter this country illegal. I believe that the country should enforce laws for all fifty states that will help the problem. Such as this one,…
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