Illegal Immigration Is A Problem That Affects All Americans

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In one way or another we are all immigrants, our ancestors came to America in search of the American dream and freedom of the promise land. Back in the late eighteen to early nineteen hundreds the government encouraged immigration. The reasoning for this was because America was growing and their territories were expanding they were in need of help with the continuing growth of our country. Ellis Island could see up right to over a thousand immigrants a day and they were welcome with open arms. America has always been viewed as the land of opportunity where everyone can achieve their greatest dreams. No wonder even today people are still flocking to the shores, America by the hundreds, leaving behind their countries, because they are either war stricken, battling religious persecution or suffering from impoverishment. Unfortunately not all who arrive here are doing it legally. Illegal immigration has become a problem that affects all Americans. What defines a person as an illegal immigrant; they can be classified as anyone who migrates to a country in search of a perpetual tenancy lacking any form of documentation or legal rights to be there. As of 2012 there were over 11 million illegal immigrants in the United States. Many individuals feel that illegal immigration should not be a major concern, they don’t seem to understand the effects that this has on our economy or they just frankly don’t care. The problems that derive from illegal immigration can be anything from

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