Illegal Immigration Is Necessary For American Society

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Illegal Immigration is currently flooding the labor market, primarily in the low-skill, low-wage sectors, and driving down wages and working conditions for many Americans because of our immigration policies. As a result, illegal immigrants have a negative effect on the economy as they do not pay taxes and take benefits they do not deserve. The extent of illegal immigration has reached such enormous proportions that a reform of the immigration is vitally necessary for American society. It is not tenable that such a large part of a society 's life contains an irregular and 'illegal ' element, and it is necessary for large numbers of these immigrants to have their lives and their contributions legalized and regularized.
A third reason for legalizing illegal immigrants is that everyone deserves equal rights as human beings. Many people migrate from their own country to the United States because they seek better opportunities, freedom, and rights. An example is Mexicans, they account for more than half of the illegal immigrants in the United States with a number of 6.1 million people. Almost half of Mexico 's population lives in poverty, which is one of the major factors for why Mexicans migrate, they wish to provide for their family and for some the only way to do that is by finding work in the United States. It would be useful to consider the downside of implementing strict immigration laws. Many people argue that the immigrants are usually skilled labor and they help increase…

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