Illegal Immigration Is The United States

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Illegal immigration is the process by which people that are not official citizens of one country cross the borders into said country to live, work or visit. These individuals often do not have the proper clearance to be in the country into which they’ve entered and as such, violate the laws of that country. This has been an ongoing debate in the United States with many individuals entering the country illegally in order to take advantage of the myriad opportunities present in this country. Many come from oppressed parts of the world, and as such, are able to live and work here with more advantages and opportunities than they might have had in their home countries. However, it is the subject of much debate, and political pundits, U.S. citizens and foreign diplomats alike have chimed in on how the U.S. handles illegal immigration and how it should handle this subject moving forward. Illegal immigrants in the U.S. should be treated with more dignity and provided a path to citizenship, provided that the right sets of circumstances are present. To understand the process of illegal immigration, it is important to understand that this process occurs in an upward moving manner, meaning that overwhelmingly, immigrants almost always migrate from a poor country to one that is richer in terms of resources and opportunities (Feere, 2010). There is often a better life waiting in the new country, thus the reason that so many immigrants are willing to take the risk in moving illegally into
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