Illegal Immigration Is The United States

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The subject of illegal immigration is nothing new in the United States. The social, economic, and political issues surrounding illegal immigrants have been debated at the federal and state levels for years. In the last decade, one of the issues which has received a lot of attention and development is the issue of higher education for illegal immigrants. Until recently many illegal immigrant students were unable to attend institutes of higher education because their lack of documentation disqualified them from admissions and financial assistance. Without clear federal mandates on the matter, decisions regarding higher education for undocumented immigrant students are left to the discretion of individual states. Among various laws and statutes enacted by states, the state of Minnesota has established its clear support of equal education opportunities for undocumented immigrant students by granting them higher education rights through the Minnesota Dream Act.
The American Immigration Counsel estimates that across the nation “65,000 undocumented students graduate from high school” in a single year (“Dream Act”). After graduating high school, it’s approximated that less than 10 percent of undocumented immigrant students will attend college (“Dream Act”). Many of these illegal immigrant students were brought to the United States by their parents at a very young age and were raised in the same education system as their fellow American students; yet because of their lack of
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