Illegal Immigration Law

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Just like the natives, immigrants also commit criminal activities, and they are supposed to face corrective measures designed by the respective countries they reside. One of the research that was carried by and published in local dailies revealed that contrary to popular belief, immigrants are less likely to commit crime than the natives. Also, experts assert that the available evidence does not support the claim that undocumented immigrant’s disproportionate share of the crimes. When the U.S. president assumes s power, he gave executive orders stating that many people who are entering the country with no permission did present a significant threat to public safety and national security at large (Martin 136). Therefore, a directive to the…show more content…
Just like it is our expectation when we go the hospital when we are sick, we expect to come out with a feeling of relief and better than when we went into the facility. It is also in the same breath that the criminal justice system needs not to be dissimilar in applying the help to them than exposing them to deportation.

Currently, there is a grand senate plan that will form the core of any successful reform effort. The program considers a second chance too many non-citizens who are convicted of criminal activities. Moreover, immigration departments together with the judges would be powerless to make exceptions for the aliens if they were to be put into deportation proceedings. These people have lived their lives in the United States since their childhood and consequently, have established strong family ties to the U.S. people. Many of them are lawful permanent residents, but the crime may have been a relative minor. No matter, even the people that have served out their punishment and have been ardent law-abiding citizens would have less or no hope of getting right with the law (Morawetz 29). It is, therefore, needless to say, deportation of the immigrant with criminal records is an easy political tool to campaign on, but it calls for sobriety. Eviction becomes the best alternative in situations where all social justice
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