Illegal Immigration On The United States

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Immigration has been a topic for debate in the last couple of decades. Migrations have always caused a shock to the American people, whether it was from Japan, Eastern Europe, and now the large quantity of immigrants coming from Latin America. People on both sides of the spectrum pose valid arguments of the effects of illegal immigration on the U.S. Economy. People fear that immigrants will take their jobs, use their taxpayer dollars to receive government benefits, and they will take over the country. Yet time has proved that illegal immigration brings positive impacts on the economy, through job creation and contribution. The next couple of articles are an example of perspectives on the jobs crisis from a favorable angle. In the article “Immigration and the U.S. Economy: A Strategic Perspective” by N. Delener and James M. Ventilato, the authors show how the new immigrants coming in to the country help shape the country into a better place. They believe that immigrants bring values that are useful to our country, as well as their hard work. Immigration plays a big role not only with policy makers, but with managers as well. The purpose of their article is to address the fear amongst the American people that immigrants do not pay their fair share in taxes, but use too much of public services. The authors state that “For most of the immigrant population pays as much to the government as the corresponding poor and unskilled native-born workers do” (156). Illegal immigrants
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