Illegal Immigration

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Illegal Immigration

Illegal immigration has stirred up quite a heated and lengthy debate regarding the laws pertaining to immigration. Prior to having an opinion about illegal immigration, one must first understand immigration, as a whole. An immigrant is defined as, “an individual authorized to remain in the United States indefinitely, and who is a lawful permanent resident (LPR), popularly known as a green card holder.” (Mehta). There are different types of immigrants who enter into the United States legally such as, persons working in the US with an employment visa, refugees and family based immigrants are essentially sponsored by a family member who is an LPR, to gain permanent residence in the US. The process for legal immigration is typically time consuming and sometimes it can be a difficult process for people wishing to enter the US. Because of this lengthy process there has been an increase in the numbers associated with illegal immigration. Despite the argument surrounding illegal immigration, immigration laws should be changed for a number of reasons.

What is the origin and history of immigration laws in this country?
When people think of the laws pertaining to immigration and the history of immigration in the United States many individuals think of the most recent immigration laws such as the Homeland Security Act, enforced in 2002 and the Secure Fence Act enacted in 2006. While these acts and the more recent legislation regarding immigration are

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