Illegal Immigration

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Illegal Immigration The Economy of Illegal Immigration The Economy of Illegal Immigration Americans on a daily basis are bombarded with broadcasts from newspapers, television, and special interest groups on the economic burdens created by illegal immigrants. Reports and statistics of growing state and local deficits; is it fact or fiction? In reality, undocumented Mexicans are necessary to the health of our economy. They provide a workforce in agriculture they keep the costs down; they contribute millions in taxes annually they help to stabilize the economy. Immigrants after all, are not just workers, but consumers and demand for products and services which in turn creates new jobs. In fact our economy needs illegal…show more content…
All true and yet, rarely spoken is the flipside of this coin where statistics from the Bloomberg Business Week has stated: Each year, for example, the U.S. Social Security Administration maintains roughly $6 billion to $7 billion of Social Security contributions in an "earnings suspense file" -- an account for W-2 tax forms that cannot be matched to the correct Social Security number. The vast majority of these numbers are attributable to undocumented workers who will never claim their benefits. If those funds could be earmarked for local support, they would make a sizable dent in education costs. Local school districts are estimated to educate 1.8 million undocumented children. At an average annual cost of $7,500 (averages vary by jurisdiction) per student, the cost of providing education to these children is about $11.2 billion. That means roughly half of the education costs for undocumented immigrant children could be met if these Social Security funds could be redirected. (Robert McNatt, Frank Benassi, 2006) The politics of these types of unused benefits and how they are used will probably never resolve themselves. It clearly might be a tremendous offset to the overburdened municipalities. Undocumented workers on the clock seem to be giant contributors to our social

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