Illegal Immigration Problems

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There be many problems with the increase of illegal immigrants coming to the United States, this affects the U.S in many ways. The problem is that it takes to long to get the visa because there are a lot of illegal immigrants. This affects the illegal immigrants that are coming to the U.S because it takes to long and this also affects the people in the U.S that are a citizen because the illegal immigration get the working visa so they can live in the U.S. This makes it harder for the people to get a job because of the illegal immigrants taking jobs. This being ever since they made the vise it just takes to long to make.This problem has to be solved immediately for the U.S citizen to not lose their job and to have a better chance living in the United States. The problem is in the United States, it causes the visa by taking so long to make a vase for the illegal immigrants.

There are many solutions to solve the problem of illegal immigrants in the United States. Some of the solutions will be making a pathway to citizenship and improving the border security to fix immigration. The article How To Fix Illegal Immigration? Earned Citizenship by D. Griswald, it explains how immigrants have a chance making pathway to citizenship. By making a Pathway to citizenship for the undocumented immigrants, it will provide a path for those undocumented immigrants that have been in the United States. Before fixing the borders, we need to fix the illegal immigrants in the United States. By
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