Illegal Immigration Should Not Be Illegal

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Every year there are around the same amount of immigrants entering the United States from Mexico as there are tourists. However, there is a difference; immigrants tend to be illegal unlike tourists and their passports. Ever since the United States offered what was said to be a new life for immigrants, they have been showing up illegally. There has been the same amount of opportunities as there are obstacles to overcome. Immigration at the U.S. and Mexican border has been a hot topic for decades now. Illegal immigration has not completely shown positive or negative effects on the economy, but more of a combination of the two.
Illegal immigrants come to the U.S. to seek for better jobs, they tend to accept any job they are offered. For
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This also includes the fact that aliens work higher than the maximum hours. However, the employer and the illegal immigrant must agree on a contract so the employer does not have to pay for the income or pay taxes. In America, businesses get “cheap work” benefiting themselves economically speaking, and illegal immigrants need of money makes this happen.
Working as a maid, mowing lawns, farming, washing dishes in a restaurant or a hotel are a few examples of what illegal immigrants work as. These jobs are paid below the minimum wage. People don’t worry about having to clean their house because if they are part of the upper class then they can easily hire an illegal immigrant that will do it for about anything in return. According to Victor Davis Hanson from the NationalReview, he said “[. . .] the member of the blue-state elite envisions himself not as an exploiter of cheap labor, but rather more as a benefactor of the greater social good.” This is basically saying that the “Blue-state elite member,” (the upper class person) is not admitting that he does not take advantage of illegal immigrants working for little money, instead he is gaining benefits because of it. Upper class men are able to save money on such maids and others. Not only is this good from an individuals economical view, but for everyone socially. This is a way
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