Illegal Immigration : The United States

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While illegal immigration remains a serious problem in the United States, other countries around the world are also being affected. According to the source of Albert R. Hunt “Facing the Facts on Illegal Immigration.”, he said that “The United States has been since long time the world´s leader in the reception and integration of immigrants.” Americans are deeply divided in their views on the impact of immigration in the country, and anger about illegal immigration colors public attitudes towards all aspects of immigration, whether legal or not. Immigration is a striking theme for many people. On the one hand, some argue that countries should be open to those who bring valuable skills and education. On the other hand, some argue that too…show more content…
By beginning to measure the wages, salaries, and income earned by businesses owned by immigrants in the U.S. we can clearly see how much immigrants contribute to the U.S. economy. Undocumented immigrants contribute to U.S. economy just like most of the permanent citizens do. Rigo Conde mentioned that “Most people has mistakenly believed that undocumented immigrants come here and take advantage of government aids provided for free, but in order to get all those services they must be US citizens.” Even though if undocumented immigrants used government services and collect benefits, they do pay taxes that end up costing more than what they take from social services.
Illegal immigrants also contribute to the economy through investments and the consumption of goods and services, which can make them cheaper too. By adding more people to the work force it actually creates more jobs because it just means that there are more readily available people that are able to fill new positions, however some people still think that the work force would be better off without undocumented immigrants. Some people, like those without a high school diploma might benefit from mass deportation because it will allow them to earn higher wages, but in actuality not all citizens benefit too much from it. According to the source by Jens Manuel Krogstad “5 Facts About Illegal Immigration in the U.S.”, researchers have demonstrated that “Mass deportation would just reduce
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