Illegal Immigration Throughout Americ An Overview

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Francisco Flores
Professor Sonia Gutiérrez
English 100
2 August 2014
Illegal Immigration in America In the beginning, thirteen colonies united to overcome the British imperial authority; thus, America was founded in 1776. Amerigen, a name created by a young Alsatian proofreader named Matthias Ringmann in the early fifteen century, means no-place-land, the new-land, or the land of Amerigo in Greek, according to Toby Lester. The land of Amerigo was a place where the European civilization could go to be reborn, as many Renaissance observers had begun to hope. Whichever the meaning, the name America filled a need. Ringmann deliberately invested the name America with ideas that still resonate today and still provide important parts of the
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Taxation without representation was illogical for the immigrants being away from motherland and still having to pay tribute to the crown. Politics in America is the driving force the makes capitalism flourishes in all sectors of the nation. Immigration today has a very different contribution to the system already in place by the founders after the civil war, especially the illegal one. Democracy in America is the social order that allows every individual to develop his potential to the fullest and to participate in public affairs on his own determination, according to L. H. Bailey on What is Democracy? Illegal immigrants are a threat to this political system that was established by the founding fathers of this nation. The majority of the illegal immigrants have little to no knowledge of America’s social structure. Most of them have been born in the ignorance and degradation of their own countries with a set of different mental and moral values. They come seeking a better life breaking the laws of our constitution and demanding to be treated as honest American citizens; meanwhile, the argument is based on a vague consciousness of human rights. Illegal immigrants lack the intellectual skills to provide any positive impact in the nation’s democratic system. As Garrett Davis has put it into context, “Shall they come and take possession of our country and our government, and rule us, or will we, who have the right, rule them and ourselves?”
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